A plan and a meta-plan

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Looks to me like the consensus of friendly readers was “Do what you like.” I like having this blog, so I’ll keep it up.

In the long term, I see, my grand plans keep changing. So there’s little point in trying to shift around too much to accommodate schemes that may or may not pay off. I will update mastheads and such to suit what I’m doing now, and not worry about it. I figure that at some point the druid bug will strike again and then it really will be Cat Tales again, anyhow.


Now what?

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I’m posting this to Dreamwidth, Livejournal, and WordPress, to see what comments anyone might have.

When I started this round of WoW blogging, I had a goal and a method. The goals remains the same: be ready for the endgame stuff when it’s still live content this time. And I’ve gotten there. But along the way my methods have changed significantly several times, and the character that I’m actually taking into Icecrown Citadel instances and raids wasn’t even on my active-roster raider six months ago.

Is it worth overhauling the blog to reflect the changed situation as we dive into the patch 3.3 endgame? Should I start a new one? Fold my WoW blogging back into DW/LJ? Advise me!

“Suddenly, nothing happened…”

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Well, actually, things have been happening. Not all of them good, unfortunately. It turns out I have pretty severe unsuspected heart trouble, and along with new medication, I’m supposed to be reducing stresses. Monitoring my pulse and blood pressure reveals to me that some of what I do in WoW is in fact pretty stressful, physically. So I’m in the midst of adjustments. News when there’s a new configuration.


I wish I’d done this one!

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A great post on using a holiday item that lets you see ghosts temporarily to see ghosts in all kinds of places, at Harpy’s Nest. Gotta go exploring!


Eep! Apologies!

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I forgot to check to see what real comments might have ended up in the spam trap. Catching up ensues.

Once more unto the breach, dear friends

October 1, 2009 at 5:40 am | Posted in Characters, Uncategorized, Xeniji | Leave a comment

I’ve been saying that this set of characters would be my last to level up for a while. Well…almost the last.

My recruit-a-friend pairing with Aerayn, my partner in crime, is good through October 5th. We decided that it’d be amusing to see how far we could get with one more race up through the levels. So we have two troll warriors coming along, her Zijin, who’s doing the protection thing and will be Aerayn’s first potential tank, and my Xeniji, who’s leveling up with arms and may be either arms or fury at higher level.

We started on Tuesday, then had real-life distraction delay us, but finished up Wednesday the 30th at level 23. The race is on!

Unnumbering future posts

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I’m going to be dropping the “Post ##” part of my post titles.

From time to time there’ll be things I write to queue for later posting, to smooth out overall traffic, and the numbering could get wonky. So, for tidiness’ sake, away it goes.

Post #16: Vanishing Azeroth, #1 – The Tauren farm in Silithus

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Azeroth is full of interesting sights tucked away in corners, and it seems likely that many of them will go away come Cataclysm. So I’m going to chronicle some of the ones I particularly like.

This one is on the remote southwestern coast of Silithus. You have to swim to it either south from Desolace, or south and west from Tanaris, since mountains wall off all of Un’Goro Crater and Silithus from the sea. There’s nobody now occupying this farm, or the cave a few paces to the east, but they left it all in order. Now, however long later, here’s my Horde druid Matosha and her shaman friend Eiaha taking a look around. (Eiaha has his water shield up—if something were to attack and hit him, it would burst the blue globe orbiting him and give him some mana back.)

Post #12: Something about my play style

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I’ve noticed some things about what makes me happiest in play, and have decided to write them down.

#1. I prefer instant-cast spells and effects with cooldowns to spells and effects with significant casting time and instant reusability, even though they lead to about the same number of actions overall. Things that interrupt casting annoy me more than things that delay an opportunity to do something instantly.

#2. I like AOE. (That’s “area of effect”, Mr. C. Fireballs, that everyone-in-range swipe, etc.)

#3. I don’t like acting too quickly. I do like acting a bunch, but not having to fret too much about timing or having to hammer a lot of keys (or even just one) for split-second action.

#4. Relatively small changes can sometimes really mess up my sense of engagement and satisfaction.

For instance, I was really grooving on a couple paladin characters earlier this year, but patch 3.2 added a casting time to Exorcism and it threw my whole rhythm off, and I haven’t been motivated enough to go work on it. Something similar happened with hunters over the last year or so—too many changes, things going up and down and around, and pets losing more and more distinctiveness and becoming just lumps of stats that happen to have colors. (Possibly ironically, if they do go with the idea floated to let hunters assign every pet to any of the three trees, that might work better for me, by making it a fully personal choice.)

Right at the moment, my happy spot includes druids, particularly when fighting in bear form, and warriors, and death knights. Rogues require too much rapid response, and druids in cat form have a bit of that. Most casters have the casting-time trouble, though I do still want to work up another warlock for old time’s sake. This self-analysis leads me to think that I should poke at my paladins some more, and maybe also at shamans, particularly now that there’s a good totem-handling interface built right in rather than requiring addons to handle well.

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