Letter to Mr. C: The silithids

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Dear Mr. C:

I realized this morning that although I keep writing about the silithids and their hives, I haven’t put up a lot of pictures or anything. Consider this some correction.

Regards, Ms. B


Tentacles and bugs

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Mr. C, you’ll like these, I hope. First up is one of the Faceless Ones, minions of the Old Gods that lurk in the darker recesses of the continent of Northrend. This one has the yellow exclamation mark because it gives a quest, with mind manipulation to make the quester (Xenzzarn, in this case) find the key that’ll set it free from the shackles attentive Scourge elites used to bind it. You can see the size of it compared to a troll, who’s somewhat bigger than a human being, and the quality of its motion. In combat, those long tentacles on its right hand shoot out further to inflict sudden blows.

Next up, a blast from the past, late in the “vanilla” WoW era, before the release of the first expansion pack. This is deep in the 40-person raid instance Ahn Qiraj, deep in the zone of Silithus, completely overrun by other-dimensional insectoid worshippers of another of the Old Gods. This particular hallway calls for rounding up all those guys and nuking ’em down once at the far end, before fighting the next of the bosses. It was hellish at level 60, quite a rush at level 80.

Uppity foliage

October 5, 2009 at 6:52 pm | Posted in Characters, Matosha, Movies | 2 Comments

Look, it’s a cat tale! I spent some time today advancing Matosha; she may hit 65 before I need to go do some chores. In the meantime, two views of some of Outland’s most exotic life.

First, something hostile, one of the fungal giants:

One of my favorite touches in the game is that herbalists can “skin” things like this the way skinners can remove animals’ hides.

And something friendly, the sporeggar, or as I feel compelled to call them, the little spore dudes or perhaps little spore buddies:

I love these guys and am always happy to help them out.

Post #23: The Drakkenryd

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The Storm Peaks zone has some of my all-time favorite quests, with very long chains that tell fairly elaborate stories. Among other things, your character will spend a lot of time disguised as one of the brunnhildr, a community of the vrykul who’ve imposed a matriarchy on their part of the land. From there, the story leads on to the tangle of nasty relations among the great beings the Titans made to keep an eye on things—names like Thorim and Loken will tell the astute what they need to know about the tone of all this. Eventually it’s time to earn the right to go speak to Thorim, taking on all rivals in the drakkenryd. Which looks like this:

Yes, Xenzzarn is harpooning one dragon from the back of another and leaping through the air, killing the other dragon’s rider and pitching the corpse overboard, and doing it again, ten times.

After all that, she gets to leap out of the ride into Thorim’s temple:

And this rocks.

Post #18: And this is your ruin on drugs

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Well, alcohol, anyway. It’s Brewfest, Azeroth’s two-week annual celebration of all things alcoholic!

Here’s Matosha entering the Undercity just as she always would, having disembarked from the zeppelin from Orgrimmar, pausing at the spot where Arthas so memorably told his father “Replacing you.” in Warcraft 3:

And here she is going back the same way after putting on the Brewfest goblins’ beer goggles:

Post #16: Vanishing Azeroth, #1 – The Tauren farm in Silithus

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Azeroth is full of interesting sights tucked away in corners, and it seems likely that many of them will go away come Cataclysm. So I’m going to chronicle some of the ones I particularly like.

This one is on the remote southwestern coast of Silithus. You have to swim to it either south from Desolace, or south and west from Tanaris, since mountains wall off all of Un’Goro Crater and Silithus from the sea. There’s nobody now occupying this farm, or the cave a few paces to the east, but they left it all in order. Now, however long later, here’s my Horde druid Matosha and her shaman friend Eiaha taking a look around. (Eiaha has his water shield up—if something were to attack and hit him, it would burst the blue globe orbiting him and give him some mana back.)

Post #14: Letter to Mr. C – Yith, thir, that’s my baby

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Dear Mr. C:

I’ve taken several tries in the past at conveying how very, very much some elements in WoW remind me of Lovecraft, and sometimes words and screenshots do it and sometimes not. But now that I’m playing around with video, here you go. Isn’t this a great echo of the various vast underground realms in Lovecraft?

Your friend, Ms. B

PS. This is Azjol-Nerub, part of the continent-spanning network of caverns and underground cities home to the nerubians, fairly insectoid beings who go way back in Azeroth’s history.

Post #11: Druid video miscellany

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Who doesn’t like exploding undead giants? I sure do!

And from the Horde side of the fence, my tauren druid earning the right to learn the poison-curing spell by applying a healing salve to gazelles blighted by the effluvia of a nearby necromancer:

This quest and its Alliance counterparts are among my very favorite moments of pure goodness in the game. There is no down side or moral ambiguity to saving animals harmed by evil magic.

Post #10: Testing a tanking spec

September 5, 2009 at 8:24 pm | Posted in Characters, Chiril, Movies | 4 Comments

I decided to increase Chiril’s range of options by adding a tanking spec to her dps spec. Now, I’ve done very little druid tanking, so I wanted to test it out against familiar targets. And who’s more familiar than the Scarlet Crusade?

Nothing fancy going on here. Lots and lots and lots of Swipe attacks. My bear-form critical hit chance right this moment is 34.26%, and it seems to be critting slightly more than one attack in every three, just as it should.  The swirling green right before High Inquisitor Whitemane puts Chiril to sleep and resurrects Scarlet Commander Mograine is of course Frenzied Regeneration, turning rage into healing.

Went great! Finished with about 40% health.

Post #9: My first movie, and stealth

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Item! I am switching to the capitalization I use in my personal journal. Remembering the rules for title capitalization otherwise is just a pain.

Item! I have finally produced a WoW video clip I want to share with others. Thanks to Blizzard and Apple for making this possible.

And this is why I love stealth (1m 55s long, 11 Mb). Here’s Chiril having words, or at least fangs and claws, with Archivist Doan in the Scarlet Monastery:

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