Suddenly, it’s that much closer

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Epic fast flying for Ezza (Xenzzarn), that is.

The riding skill for WoW characters moves in a few large steps. Riding skill 225 lets your character fly the slower flying mounts, and 300 lets them fly anything they can afford to buy, win as an award, or otherwise acquire. Expert (level 225) mounts provided an 80% speed boost in the air, and artisan (level 300) ones up to 310% for the fastest mount currently in the game.

Now I knew there’d been changes, because I’ve taken advantage of them. Artisan riding became way cheaper, and available at level 60 rather than 70, and also subject to discount for high reputation with one’s capital city (Orgrimmar or Stormwind), and artisan mounts became faster. The boost from 80% speed increase to 150% has been great. Finally, the basic flyer is faster than the standard fast ground mount, which provides a 100% increase. Everything is closer, it’s much more convenient to take side trips, and so on.

What I hadn’t properly internalized, because I haven’t had occasion to take advantage of it myself yet, is that the reputation discount applies to artisan riding as well. It’s a base of 5000 gold. But Ezza is exalted with Orgrimmar, as good with them as a totem-wielding girl can get, and that means that for her, it’ll only cost 4000 gold. That’s still a lot to save up, but it really brings epic flight closer for her, so she can join the speedy ranks of characters like Eya.


Post #26: Horde season! Alliance season!

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It’s part of my routine to shift emphasis from one server and faction to another from time to time. It seems that at the moment, Kirin Tor Horde is the place for me. Xenzzarn the shaman is now at the level cap and had a ridiculously productive day of PVP and instancing today, and Matosha the druid is coming right along. It seems like the availability and interests of other folks in Blacksky Company match mine well right now, and it’s great to have the progress going on.

There’ll come a point when I realize “hey, I’ve been playing Alliance a lot more”, too, and there’ll be a post about it then. 🙂

Post #7: Loremaster progress, 30 August 2009

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Halfway to Loremaster of Kalimdor: 353 of 700 quests done. I believe I’ve cleared quests available to Chiril in Teldrassil, Darkshore, the Barrens, and Stonetalon Mountains, and have started in on Azuremyst Isle.

A friend reminded of a quest I’ve either never done or had completely forgotten about. I include the info for anyone curious:

Another friend is in circumstances calling for some help tonight, and while I wait to hear that it turned out well—as I fully expect it will—I think I may work some on higher-level questing for a bit. Maybe see how close I can come to clearing Hellfire Peninsula or Zangarmarsh.

Post #6: Chiril, Loremistress?

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World of Warcraft keeps track of things characters do (and things done to them) and provides achievements for all kinds of accomplishments, from “Shave and a Haircut” for using the in-game barbers for the first time on a particular character to “Going Down” for falling 65 yards without dying to achieving exalted status (the highest possible) with 20 different groups. Often there are multiple achievements associated with a goal, as with the black dragon Sartharion: an achievement for beating him at all, with either a 10-person group or a 25-person one, for beating him with less than a full group of either kind, and for beating him with one, two, or three of the lesser dragons in his lair still alive and able to join in the fight on his behalf. There are achievements for beating many bosses in some minimum time, without any party members dying, and so on, and escalating rewards for collecting 10 non-combat pets, 20, 50, and so on.

Most achievements just give the satisfaction of doing it, an entry in your character’s record that others can check out, and some achievement points that so far can’t be spent, just noted. But some give rewards, like special mounts, pets, tabards, displayable titles, and the like. In addition, some are nested. There is, for instance, an achievement for exploring each zone of the game enough to have come close to all its major features, an achievement for exploring all the zones of a continent, and an achievement granting a title for exploring all four continents currently in play.

One of the achievements I haven’t yet earned is Loremaster. This is one of those nesting ones, for having done a whole lot of quests. Loremaster of the Eastern Kingdoms and Loremaster of Kalimdor each require 700 quests, which is a large fraction of all the quests available to any one character in their zones. The Old World doesn’t have separate by-zone quest achievements, but Outland does: 80 in Hellfire Peninsula, 54 in Zangarmarsh, and so on. Get all of those and you earn Loremaster of Outland. Ditto for Northrend: 130 for Borean Tundra, 85 for the Grizzly Hills, etc., get ’em all for Loremaster of Northrend. Get all four loremaster achievements and earn a title that displays with your character name and a special tabard (displaying the quest giver’s symbol).

Obviously this is something calling for a substantial investment of time, and for a character capable of doing a great many different things. Can I do it before Cataclysm comes out and a bunch of these quests simply no longer exist? (There will be a new version of these achievements to reflect the changed world, and the old ones will be listed under the heading of Feats of Strength, which include things that can no longer be done, to show that you wuz there back in the day.) I don’t know. Maybe not! But I like the options in high-level druids enough that I’m going to give it a try.

Here’s where I am as of Saturday lunchtime:

Loremaster of the Eastern Kingdoms: 62 of 700

Loremaster of Kalimdor: 274 of 700 (guess which continent Chiril and Aelaren leveled up in?)

To Hellfire and Back: 69 of 80

Mysteries of the Marsh: 43 of 54

Terror of Terrokar: 21 of 63

Nagrand Slam: 58 of 75

On the Blade’s Edge: 6 of 86

Into the Nether: 4 of 120

Shadow of the Betrayer: 0 of 90 (that’s Shadowmoon Valley, where Illidan and his Black Temple are)

Loremaster of Outland: 0 of 7

Nothing Boring About Boring: 53 of 130

I’ve Toured the Fjord: 28 of 130

Might of Dragonblight: 1 of 115

Fo’ Grizzle My Shizzle: 0 of 85 (Grizzly Hills)

The Empire of Zul’Drak: 0 of 100

Into the Basin: 0 of 75

The Summit of Storm Peaks: 0 of 100

Icecrown: The Final Goal: 0 of 140

Loremaster of Northrend: 0 of 8

Now, the Northrend ones will advance naturally as Aelaren and Chiril level up. The rest depend on me going back and doing older stuff in spare moments. I will keep the tally and comment on anything interesting along the way.

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