She is not dead nor doth she sleep…

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…in fact she’s been healing a lot lately.

This genuinely is a surprising development. I mean, part of the reason I burned out with my shaman in Burning Crusade was that raid healing had really gotten me down. And here I am doing it on a regular basis with her now, doing it fairly well, enjoying it, making progress in her ability and mine.

It occurred to me that maybe this would be a help in advancing my stalled-out druids. I’m going to experiment with Matosha, where I have the same guild and community as with Ezza, and see how it goes.



Uppity foliage

October 5, 2009 at 6:52 pm | Posted in Characters, Matosha, Movies | 2 Comments

Look, it’s a cat tale! I spent some time today advancing Matosha; she may hit 65 before I need to go do some chores. In the meantime, two views of some of Outland’s most exotic life.

First, something hostile, one of the fungal giants:

One of my favorite touches in the game is that herbalists can “skin” things like this the way skinners can remove animals’ hides.

And something friendly, the sporeggar, or as I feel compelled to call them, the little spore dudes or perhaps little spore buddies:

I love these guys and am always happy to help them out.

Post #21: In before the patch!

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As part of the flow of announcements of upcoming changes to the game, Blizzard said a while back that they’d be revamping the raid on Onyxia, queen of the black dragonflight in Deathwing’s extended absence. This was always one of my favorites in the original release, calling for 30-40 raiders at level 60, then the level cap, with a reasonable amount of coordination, making their way through a fun three-stage fight. She had great loot, too, some of the best likely to come the way of anyone who wasn’t in a dedicated raiding guild.

Of course that was some while back now. The level cap’s moved on, and so have gear and expectations. There aren’t any more 40-person raids, for one thing. So Blizzard declared that they’d be doing a new version of Onyxia’s Lair to reflect current practice, with 10- and 25-person versions for level 80 characters geared as is suitable for people who’ve been working on this year’s raiding opportunities. The best part, though, is that Blizzard is re-using the old artwork for the loot Onyxia used to drop on modern collections of stats and special abilities. It’s going to be a riot to see all that stuff in play again.

We didn’t know just when patch 3.2.2, with the new raid in it, would appear, and speculation ranged across a couple of months’ worth of possible release dates. But in a very unusual move, Blizzard announced several days ago that this week’s Tuesday morning maintenance would be an extended one. That almost always means “this is when significant changes are getting put in.” So my guild got together and took interested characters for one last poke at Onyxia as she’s been.

And thus Matosha, now level 63, becomes one of the last characters who can have earned this achievement:

Sure enough, this morning the new patch is going on…and soon it’ll be time to check out the new, improved, tougher Onyxia!

Update: Special thanks to Eiaha’s player for tipping me off to this video, which shows the experience of old-school raiding better than any other single clip I can think of:

Post #20: Masthead change

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The new masthead image is of Matosha in her cat form. The tauren cat and bear forms are at least as strikingly cool to me as the night elf ones now, maybe even more so.

Post #18: And this is your ruin on drugs

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Well, alcohol, anyway. It’s Brewfest, Azeroth’s two-week annual celebration of all things alcoholic!

Here’s Matosha entering the Undercity just as she always would, having disembarked from the zeppelin from Orgrimmar, pausing at the spot where Arthas so memorably told his father “Replacing you.” in Warcraft 3:

And here she is going back the same way after putting on the Brewfest goblins’ beer goggles:

Post #16: Vanishing Azeroth, #1 – The Tauren farm in Silithus

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Azeroth is full of interesting sights tucked away in corners, and it seems likely that many of them will go away come Cataclysm. So I’m going to chronicle some of the ones I particularly like.

This one is on the remote southwestern coast of Silithus. You have to swim to it either south from Desolace, or south and west from Tanaris, since mountains wall off all of Un’Goro Crater and Silithus from the sea. There’s nobody now occupying this farm, or the cave a few paces to the east, but they left it all in order. Now, however long later, here’s my Horde druid Matosha and her shaman friend Eiaha taking a look around. (Eiaha has his water shield up—if something were to attack and hit him, it would burst the blue globe orbiting him and give him some mana back.)

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