Meanwhile, back at Loremaster

December 25, 2009 at 7:58 am | Posted in Loremaster, Loremistress Luzara, Luzara | Leave a comment

In my quiet weeks, I did continue working away at this, and celebrated Christmas in part this way:

Loremaster of the Eastern Kingdoms

So that’s the Old World as it was known to us before Burning Crusade taken care of. Still to do, Outland and Northrend. Let’s see…


Hellfire Peninsula. 80 quests. Complete.

• Zangarmarsh. 54 quests. Complete.

• Terokkar Forest. 63 quests. Complete.

• Nagrand. 75 quests. Complete.

• Blade’s Edge Mountains. 86 quests. 39 done.

• Netherstorm. 120 quests. 52 done.

• Shadowmoon Valley. 90 quests. 11 done.


Borean Tundra. 130 quests. 17 done.

• Howling Fjord. 130 quests. 76 done.

• Dragonblight. 115 quests. 26 done.

• Grizzly Hills. 85 quests. 0 done.

• Zul’drak. 100 quests. 18 done.

• Sholazar Basin. 75 quests. 4 done.

• Storm Peaks. 100 quests. 57 done.

• Icecrown. 140 quests. 45 done.

The Northrend total makes me look like more of a slacker with Luzara than I’ve actually been. But quest tallies aren’t always accurately preserved during faction changes, and since she’s had two of them, that’s double the opportunity for data not to get converted properly. In any event, most of this won’t be a major hardship, and when I get to the point of needing help with the group quests in Icecrown, help will be available.

I haven’t any idea how long it will take to finish the newer continents. We’ll see, I guess!


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