Suddenly, it’s that much closer

October 10, 2009 at 7:56 am | Posted in Characters, Ezza (Xenzzarn), Factions | Leave a comment

Epic fast flying for Ezza (Xenzzarn), that is.

The riding skill for WoW characters moves in a few large steps. Riding skill 225 lets your character fly the slower flying mounts, and 300 lets them fly anything they can afford to buy, win as an award, or otherwise acquire. Expert (level 225) mounts provided an 80% speed boost in the air, and artisan (level 300) ones up to 310% for the fastest mount currently in the game.

Now I knew there’d been changes, because I’ve taken advantage of them. Artisan riding became way cheaper, and available at level 60 rather than 70, and also subject to discount for high reputation with one’s capital city (Orgrimmar or Stormwind), and artisan mounts became faster. The boost from 80% speed increase to 150% has been great. Finally, the basic flyer is faster than the standard fast ground mount, which provides a 100% increase. Everything is closer, it’s much more convenient to take side trips, and so on.

What I hadn’t properly internalized, because I haven’t had occasion to take advantage of it myself yet, is that the reputation discount applies to artisan riding as well. It’s a base of 5000 gold. But Ezza is exalted with Orgrimmar, as good with them as a totem-wielding girl can get, and that means that for her, it’ll only cost 4000 gold. That’s still a lot to save up, but it really brings epic flight closer for her, so she can join the speedy ranks of characters like Eya.

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