Tentacles and bugs

October 8, 2009 at 7:28 am | Posted in Characters, Ezza (Xenzzarn), Letters to Mr. C., Movies | Leave a comment

Mr. C, you’ll like these, I hope. First up is one of the Faceless Ones, minions of the Old Gods that lurk in the darker recesses of the continent of Northrend. This one has the yellow exclamation mark because it gives a quest, with mind manipulation to make the quester (Xenzzarn, in this case) find the key that’ll set it free from the shackles attentive Scourge elites used to bind it. You can see the size of it compared to a troll, who’s somewhat bigger than a human being, and the quality of its motion. In combat, those long tentacles on its right hand shoot out further to inflict sudden blows.

Next up, a blast from the past, late in the “vanilla” WoW era, before the release of the first expansion pack. This is deep in the 40-person raid instance Ahn Qiraj, deep in the zone of Silithus, completely overrun by other-dimensional insectoid worshippers of another of the Old Gods. This particular hallway calls for rounding up all those guys and nuking ’em down once at the far end, before fighting the next of the bosses. It was hellish at level 60, quite a rush at level 80.


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