Uppity foliage

October 5, 2009 at 6:52 pm | Posted in Characters, Matosha, Movies | 2 Comments

Look, it’s a cat tale! I spent some time today advancing Matosha; she may hit 65 before I need to go do some chores. In the meantime, two views of some of Outland’s most exotic life.

First, something hostile, one of the fungal giants:

One of my favorite touches in the game is that herbalists can “skin” things like this the way skinners can remove animals’ hides.

And something friendly, the sporeggar, or as I feel compelled to call them, the little spore dudes or perhaps little spore buddies:

I love these guys and am always happy to help them out.


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  1. There is something about Zangarmarsh, don’t know whether its the lighting or the music or a combination of both but if we ever get player housing, I so want to move in with the Sporeling’s. I’ve secretly wanted a mushroom house ever since I got my first smurf playset. Thats probably why I always do the Sporeggar quests whenever I level, well that and the best tabard in game.

    • I dont’ know what it is either about the Sporeggar (and sorry for taking so long to respond), but…yeah. Also one of the absolute best mini pets.

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