Ceri’s Guide to Adequate Play: Introduction

September 29, 2009 at 1:00 pm | Posted in Ceri's Guide to Adequate Play | 1 Comment

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I have to say in the WoW blogosphere that isn’t already covered elsewhere, and it struck me: most advice is written by people who are physically faster and better coordinated than me, with a better head for detailed figures than I have, with better computers and Internet connections than I have. And yet I manage to be a reasonably worthwhile participant in game stuff—enough so to get invited back to groups and added to friend lists as a worthwhile contact. There’s a broad space of play that doesn’t get a lot of sustained discussion: the adequate, satisfactory level of competence, where you do your job and have some fun, even though you will not expect to top the dps meters, nor be at the cutting edge very much, nor push the margins in any other way.

WoW has been a blessing to me, a source of fun, challenge, excitement, and conviviality, and what I will hope to do in this series is distill out what makes it work that way for me. I expect to ramble, from addons to controller strategies to boss fight tactics to whatever comes to mind. And I will hope to hear from others with experiences and suggestions of their own.

There are computer games that only work for the excellent among us. WoW isn’t one of them, as a matter of calculated planning on Blizzard’s part. So this is my target: what works for the rest of us.

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