Post #28: About the scarcity of cat tales

September 28, 2009 at 9:19 pm | Posted in Characters | Leave a comment

So, um. I haven’t actually had a lot to say about either of my druids just lately, and it’s kind of embarrassing to explain why. But since sharing this sort of thing may be encouraging to someone else, I will go ahead and do so.

Chiril: This one isn’t embarrassing at all. I’ve just been playing Horde this month, thanks to a conjunction of others’ availability.

Matosha: This is the embarrassing part. She’s leveling along okay through the 60s. Not rapidly, but I’m playing her at least some each day. But…the fact is that right now I seem to be getting extra enjoyment from watching characters’ weapons and armor in action, the animations for striking, blocking, and so on. Since as a feral druid she spends all her fighting time in bear or cat form, I don’t get that. So Xenzzarn gets more playtime partly because I just plain like watching her in action more.

Experience tells me that these moods come and go. I’m not worried about it, really, just blushing some at the admission.


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