Post #27: On being an old fart

September 28, 2009 at 9:01 pm | Posted in Characters, Ezza (Xenzzarn) | Leave a comment

Plans change, yes they do.

Xenzzarn got to level 80 and set in doing end-level instances with friends and guildmates, and…it became clear to me as well as to others that the melee dps role is not a good one for me. Specifically, the problem is mobility. The tank mostly stays more or less put, drawing threat, and other meleers are supposed to get behind the monsters, avoiding all the attacks that hit whoever’s in front of them and often using special attacks that work better from behind.

Well, the thing is that I’m older and slower than a lot of players and so is my computer. It’s just kind of hard for me to quickly move up and turn around and reliably be facing where I need to be, and then hard to do it again and again in the course of a fight.

I decided to go ahead and bite the bullet rather than dither, and have changed her combat spec. Much as I love enhancement talents, my limitations would make Xenzzarn less than welcome company on high-level instances and raids, and I want to do these things with her. But elemental talents suit her and me fine, and they’re strongest at range—lots of lightning attacks. So far it’s working out very well.


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