Post #24: It’s all fun and games until someone loses the Eye of Sulfuras

September 24, 2009 at 10:41 pm | Posted in Characters, Ezza (Xenzzarn) | Leave a comment


Ragnaros. King of the fire elementals, resident boss of the Molten Core of Blackrock Mountain, soon to be free and besieging Mount Hyjal, one of the iconic great monsters of World of Warcraft. Here’s a classic takedown of him from vanilla pre-expansion days:

Now, he’s got that big hammer. And there has always been a very small chance that you too could have a hammer just like it for any character that can wield a two-handed mace. Time was when Sulfuras, the Hand of Ragnaros, was actually the most powerful melee weapon in the game. Making it required (and still does) the Eye of Sulfuras, an extremely rare drop from Ragnaros, and a special mace, the plans for which have to be bought with another Molten Core drop from the Thorium Brotherhood dwarven miner guild and then crafted with lots of other stuff from Molten Core and elsewhere. It was a major investment of time and resources.

How special an item was it? Literally, I never saw the Eye drop on a Molten Core raid, and I did quite a few. I’m not sure I ever even raided with someone who’d been able to make Sulfuras. Rare.

Well…tonight I took Xenzzarn on a Molten Core run with half a dozen of Blacksky Company’s level 80 characters, on a sweep for rare enchantments and other such goodies. The Eye dropped. Everyone with a character who can use two-handed maces rolled for it.

I’ve now got the Eye. Gotta get the materials. Because every time is the right time for legendary weapons.

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