Post #23: The Drakkenryd

September 24, 2009 at 7:32 pm | Posted in Characters, Ezza (Xenzzarn), Movies | 3 Comments

The Storm Peaks zone has some of my all-time favorite quests, with very long chains that tell fairly elaborate stories. Among other things, your character will spend a lot of time disguised as one of the brunnhildr, a community of the vrykul who’ve imposed a matriarchy on their part of the land. From there, the story leads on to the tangle of nasty relations among the great beings the Titans made to keep an eye on things—names like Thorim and Loken will tell the astute what they need to know about the tone of all this. Eventually it’s time to earn the right to go speak to Thorim, taking on all rivals in the drakkenryd. Which looks like this:

Yes, Xenzzarn is harpooning one dragon from the back of another and leaping through the air, killing the other dragon’s rider and pitching the corpse overboard, and doing it again, ten times.

After all that, she gets to leap out of the ride into Thorim’s temple:

And this rocks.



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  1. It rocks indeed.

    (But I still haven’t been able to kill Thorim in the raid, tarnation. Not that I have had that many chances to do so.)

  2. This has to be one of the best quest chains in game, although doing the harpooning/fighting bit on a hunter is rather frustrating. All I want is some kind of orb of deception device that lets you look like the Brunnhildr or indeed any of the vykrul outside the stormpeaks.

    • I’d love an orb like that! And yes, it is frustrating with a hunter, I know from experience. I tend to go the ranged dps route, and it was refreshing to have a meleer this time. 🙂

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