Post #22: In after the patch, too!

September 22, 2009 at 8:53 pm | Posted in Characters, Eya (Aescuri) | 2 Comments

Sure enough, there was patch 3.2.2 today, and with half an hour of servers becoming available, 10 of us in Blacksky Company were deep in Dustwallow Marsh, dashing up to Onyxia’s lair. Conflict ensued!

It was great. The structure of the fight is the same: a phase of beating her up on the ground, a phase of trying to beat her up and not get toasted while she’s in the air and waves of whelplings hatch and attack, and another phase on the ground. But phase 2 is now substantially more complicated, with a steady procession of elite dragonkin warders and guardians marching in from the entrance tunnel and many, many, many whelplings. It took as long for us to get her from 65% health (when phase 1 ends) to 40% (when phase 3 begins) as all the rest of the fight, and that was after several wipes in phase 2 or 3.

But we did, in the end, get her, and one of her pieces of loot was the updated dragonstalker helm:

So I’m very well-pleased.


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  1. How nice. We tried to sown her yesterday too but had problems with lag and random disconnects so we didn’t succed. But we’ll give it another go soon.

    • Oh, the lag’s been intermittently awful this week. I’ve had some lag-caused deaths too. Best wishes. 🙂

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