Post #17: First experiences with battlegrounds

September 18, 2009 at 10:11 pm | Posted in Battlegrounds, PVP | Leave a comment

Tonight I saw not one but two of the battlegrounds for the  first time. Neither is brand-new, they’ve both been out for months, but a whole variety of things just got in the way until now. This afternoon, some guildmates were grumbling about their flaws and I went in cautiously…and ended up having a great time in both.

The Strand of the Ancients is a compact affair, for 15 on a side. One side invades, making their way south from the titular strand uphill through layers of fortification in hopes of seizing a valuable Titan relic, while the other side defends. Then they reverse roles, and the side that captured the relic most quickly wins. I was familiar with driving siege engines and smashing through walls and such from my experiences in Winterspring, but I liked the small scale of this. The siege engines aren’t too much of a fight for a few coordinating enemies to take down, and the defensive guns do a fair amount of damage but don’t make many one-shot kills.

The Isle of Conquest is another biggie, for up to 40 on a side, and it’s significantly more complex. As usual for these things, there are several strongpoints to take control of, but where they’re just places in Arathi Basin—landmarks that don’t do anything except have distinctive looks—in the Isle, each one counts. The refinery produces oil, the hangar and workshop manufacture vehicles, and so on. I don’t have a really clear sense of how the pieces fit together yet, but I expect I will.

The scenery is great in each case. The Strand of the Ancients has the bright vigor and warmth of Sholazar Basin, while the Isle of Conquest is Icecrown-style bleak and cold. Lots to look at and a fair amount to do.

I look forward to coming up with screenshots and video clips.


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