Post #13: Let 80 be finale of seem

September 12, 2009 at 2:44 pm | Posted in Predictions, Predictions Made, Preparing for Cataclysm | Leave a comment

I’ve been realizing lately just how very much I am ready to take a break from leveling. Here’s my tally right now.

Chiril is moving along through the 70s, with a combination of questing and battleground experience. I expect her to hit 80 in the next week or two, certainly by the end of September.

Matosha, my tauren druid, is in her mid-30s right now and blasting along with my recruit-a-friend partner in crime. Our RAF bonus runs out early in October. We will certainly be to 60 by then and maybe beyond; my friend has some vacation time that’ll take her away from the computer coming up in late October and we’d really like to be at 80 by then if we can be.

I pulled out a very long-neglected draenei shaman and paid for the faction change, and now I have troll shaman Xenzzarn, also in her 70s. Can’t imagine it’ll take her very many weeks to get to 80, either.

Now, I had been working up a new night elf druid to be the tank for friends whose little family-and-friends guilds is chronically short of tanks. But it struck me so hard this week that I just plain did not want to be on that leveling-up grind again. So Ursulia is going to go on vacation, and instead I’ll transfer over the level 80 death knight I have on the same server as Chiril. I don’t need two tank/dps characters in one place, after all. This will share the love around, and I’ll be able to group for high-end stuff with my friends now rather than after weeks or months of leveling.

And…that may be it for new characters for me until Cataclysm. Certainly the last for a while. This gets tagged as a prediction, to see whether in fact I’m back advancing new alts before the end of 2009.

There’s a lot I haven’t done yet at the endgame, and the idea of some months to focus on it in ways I didn’t get to before is really very appealing right now.


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