Post #12: Something about my play style

September 8, 2009 at 10:24 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I’ve noticed some things about what makes me happiest in play, and have decided to write them down.

#1. I prefer instant-cast spells and effects with cooldowns to spells and effects with significant casting time and instant reusability, even though they lead to about the same number of actions overall. Things that interrupt casting annoy me more than things that delay an opportunity to do something instantly.

#2. I like AOE. (That’s “area of effect”, Mr. C. Fireballs, that everyone-in-range swipe, etc.)

#3. I don’t like acting too quickly. I do like acting a bunch, but not having to fret too much about timing or having to hammer a lot of keys (or even just one) for split-second action.

#4. Relatively small changes can sometimes really mess up my sense of engagement and satisfaction.

For instance, I was really grooving on a couple paladin characters earlier this year, but patch 3.2 added a casting time to Exorcism and it threw my whole rhythm off, and I haven’t been motivated enough to go work on it. Something similar happened with hunters over the last year or so—too many changes, things going up and down and around, and pets losing more and more distinctiveness and becoming just lumps of stats that happen to have colors. (Possibly ironically, if they do go with the idea floated to let hunters assign every pet to any of the three trees, that might work better for me, by making it a fully personal choice.)

Right at the moment, my happy spot includes druids, particularly when fighting in bear form, and warriors, and death knights. Rogues require too much rapid response, and druids in cat form have a bit of that. Most casters have the casting-time trouble, though I do still want to work up another warlock for old time’s sake. This self-analysis leads me to think that I should poke at my paladins some more, and maybe also at shamans, particularly now that there’s a good totem-handling interface built right in rather than requiring addons to handle well.


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