Post #2: What I’m playing, part 1, the main character

August 26, 2009 at 7:51 pm | Posted in Chiril, Preparing for Cataclysm | Leave a comment

My focus of attention right now is my night elf druid, Chiril, whom you can see in the masthead picture. I’ve always liked druids in concept—the whole shapeshifting, multi-potential concept is right up my alley, and in fact my first WoW characters included several druids. But I’ve always run into problems leveling them up, because the 20s and 30s are, for me, a time where potential just isn’t fulfilled and it feels very awkward to have to juggle a variety of not-yet-well-developed roles in hopes of not screwing anything up badly enough that I lose another fight. The bear form isn’t yet nearly as tough as a warrior, the cat form not nearly as agile or lethally fast as a rogue, and the base humanoid form is only a so-so caster.

But this summer I indulged myself in a second account and did the recruit-a-friend program with a long-time friend, and was able to blast through those difficult levels (and others on each side) at triple the normal xp rate. Now Chiril is at 70 and making her through Northrend at a comfortable pace. She’s feral-specced, using a dps-oriented set of talents, and spends most of her time grouped with Aelaren, a first-rate restoration-oriented druid. I’m having a fantastically fun time with the suite of talents and skills pretty much complete now: I’ve got the resources to do several different roles well, and am supported by one of my favorite healers ever, and it’s great.

Chiril seems likely to be my main character for the duration of this expansion. I can tank with her if I want to, and I play a fairly good supporting tank. I can deal the damage well, and like doing that a lot. I can also go explore with her very fully, between cat-form stealth and bird-form flight, and omigod do I love the flight. It’s amazingly satisfying to instantly shift from walking to flying, and to have the compact presence of one’s own wings rather than a supporting mount.

My goal is to see just how close I can get to the Loremaster achievement with Chiril. Can I really clear four continents’ worth of quests between now and whenever it is Cataclysm comes out? Not a clue, but I want to try.


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